Anarchy: The Selfless Path

“Anarchism is the idea that there should be no government. In Objectivist terms, this amounts to the view that every man should defend himself by using physical force against others whenever he feels like it, with no objective standards of justice, crime, or proof.”

Anarchy has been misunderstood by a small group of people who spread their misinterpreted knowledge to the masses. It has been repeatedly defined as chaotic, no rules, unsafe, inhumane. This quote was taken from a website dealing with the philosophy of Ayn Rand. There is one major problem with this understanding of anarchy and it is the use of the word force. Anarchy is without force. This does not imply that each community of anarchist do not have their own set or “rules” or one could even say “laws”, in place. It does not say that all the communities of anarchist must obey the same principles or the same ideals. It says that everyone can live the life they see fit and if they see a government like structure as fit they are entitled to do so as long as force is eliminated.

Government has been determined to undermine and outcast the anarchists and any anarchists thought. It is fueled by the necessity to coerce and overpower. It is driven by individuals “just doing their job”. No thoughts, all action. No questions, all comply. Government, in all actuality, is an invisible entity giving orders to the legs and arms of government, i.e. the police force, judiciary system, education system, etc. They need the people to fear them and do as they say in order to maintain control. If the people get the faintest idea that they can rule themselves, that they are capable of setting up a system that benefits them, the government will be out of business. Over the centuries anarchists have been painted in a negative light. Portrayed as evil, sinister, lawless murderers who crave the taste of blood and war. It is funny because that seems to be exactly what they are, not what we, the anarchists are. Anarchism is not chaos or the rejection of organization. It does not promote murderous activities, theft, violence of any sort. There are all sorts of sub genres of anarchism, but what can be said about all of them is that they promote self ownership.

Government is a selfish institution made up of egocentric and apathetic individuals. Government was set up to self serve a small group of individuals. It was a way to achieve power and control. It was not set up to help the poor. It was not set up to help the business owner. It was not set up to educate the children. It was set up as a device to initiate the complete ownership of thousands and millions of people. It was setup to use individuals as pawns in their game to gain control of the entire world. The United States has been involved in some war since the beginning of its development as a country. Prior to that England was involved in taking over land and entire countries, as well. Anarchists, or anarchist thought of some sort, has been present since Lao Tzu’s time (around 500 BC). Basically since the existence of states, or some sort of hierarchical power has been present there have been anarchist ideas present and that alone was and remains a threat to the stability of the government’s existence, past and present. If everyone ceased to comply government would cease to exist and with an entity desiring to gain complete ownership of the world, it’s people and it’s resources, anarchy is a direct threat.

Government only desires it’s own agenda. It has no room for the hopes and dreams of others. It has no room to bend and grow with the population. It is stagnant and it is selfish. Only wishing to carry out deeds that benefits it and no one else. Anarchy, on the other hand, is a selfless path of existence.

Anarchy is without force, without violence. It is a free system in which free individuals decide what path suits their personal needs best. Anarchy does not desire to own or control people, much less entire countries. Anarchy will not create wars. It will not dislocate millions from their homes. It will not force individuals to pay taxes and fund activities they do not support. It does not force your neighbor to believe and support everything you believe and support. It allows each and every individual to be. It is truly selfless.

Anarchy will not provide the roads, it will not provide the school systems, it will not provide a police force in the same way that is present in our current society. Communities will develop their own unique methods of these services the city provides for them. It will create a diverse market in which each person will have the ability to choose, not be forced to accept. School programs will be able to diversify and include topics of importance. It will have the freedom to exclude standardized testing and the teachers will finally be able to teach. Corrupt law enforcement can be abandoned and newer models will come into play. Government officials that are supposed to represent the needs of thousands of people will be eliminated and individuals can either represent themselves or choose someone to represent their community, but because everything will be on a smaller scale the needs and desires of each person in the community will actually be heard and cared for.

If we as one people, care about each other as individuals, we will accept them to exist with their hopes and dreams even if they differ from our own. We will learn to accept each other and love each other. We will learn what it is to be a community. We are capable. We are powerful. We can set not only ourselves, but every person free through anarchy. This is what I choose. This is what I believe to be right. I hope you will take this step of faith towards a more positive direction with me.

-Cristina Urquieta

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Anarchy: The Selfless Path

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