Domino Effect

I’ve been a little busy the past few days trying to complete this essay I started a week or so ago. I will be releasing it tomorrow (hopefully) along with a short video discussion on the subject. It’s about why we should question pledging allegiance to the flag. I think it’s an interesting discussion and I hope that you all will take a look, or listen to it.

Besides that I was just cooking now, some vegan pot pie (which smells amazing right now) and as I was cooking I was singing and dancing with myself. I tend to sing A LOT. I sing while speaking simple sentences at times. I sing while walking to the bathroom. I sing while driving in my car without with out the radio on. I’m always creating random melodies from the air and going along with their tunes. As I was singing and dancing I stopped and thought, I wonder if other musicians also sing a lot and make up melodies as often as I do? And I’m pretty sure we all do this and that’s why we are musicians. We just have these melodies floating around us and it’s easier for us to latch on to one of them and go with it. I can’t always come up with words, but I can come up with melodies all day.

Five years ago, if you would have asked me to sing for you I would have said no and shyly changed the subject. Today, if you ask me to sing I will jump on that opportunity. I love singing for myself and for others. I love when people want to experience a piece of my experience with me. I have been a performer since I first began ballet and piano at 5 years old. Recitals were fun and I really loved them. I  can perform for one person or for a room full of people and I will give you the same energy. I just love to perform and I feel that my songs are especially important because they have a message. A message I personally feel this world is needing to hear. There are a small, but growing, number of conscious musicians who are spreading this awareness, this strive for unification, this message of change and hope. My passion for music was one thing, but it grew into this goal, or realization that I had a responsibility to help create or spread the seeds of change.


I know my song won’t change the world, but I know that this is something I love and it leaves a positive energy in our space and if that’s the least I can do then I want in.


It’s kind of crazy when you KNOW something is going to happen. I know music is my passion and I know it will be playing a huge part in where I end up in 10 years or so. I don’t imagine myself selling out stadiums, but I know I can make this thing happen. I know that Metanoia or myself solo (hopefully with Metanoia though because I really love my band) can play big shows within the next few years. Each member of my band is insanely talented. I am not joking. They are insane. They have pushed me in many ways and have helped shaped who I am as a musician today. I am so honored to share a stage with them.


I am rambling here, but basically I just know music is something I will be doing for the rest of my life and I only have two needs (desires) that I want met: 1. Be able to live comfortably (which doesn’t take much money for me) and 2. Open for SOJA.

I feel my footsteps being guided by this wonderful Universe. You’ll know when you’re going in the right direction because you’ll witness a domino effect take place. You do one right thing and then 4 more right things fall into place without you doing anything. That’s how you know where to go and that’s what has been evident in my short musical career with Metanoia and my own stuff. Feel where the Universe is guiding. Don’t be afraid to take steps. Sometimes they seem intimidating, but if something is pushing you in a certain direction go with it. Trust yourselves. You can literally make anything happen. You can be and do whatever you want to. Fear is usually what holds us back, so knowing that just let it go.


Tell me what happens when you do it.


-Cristina ❤


Domino Effect

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