Dreams Becoming Reality

I am just at a total loss for words. My mind is a bit scattered right now. Writing helps reorganize my thoughts.

I have been interested in owning a tiny home for a year, more or less, now. The only problem is that I do not want to take out a loan and owe a bank thousands of dollars and I do not have that type of money on hand, ever. I work the least amount possible in order to maximize the time I spend doing things I love (being Nairah’s mom, painting, writing songs, etc.). I value Nairah’s time and I want to be there for her, but I have to work to pay the minimal bills I have. The amount I work, and I’m sure most adults feel this sentiment, does not equal the amount of pay I get. I feel that my time is valuable and that if I have to work to survive it should be equal compensation. I know that’s ideal and its totally subjective to each person, but that’s how I personally feel.

Anyways, I have been interested in tiny homes. If you don’t know what those are they are anywhere from 150-250 square feet. They are usually built on trailers and they are capable of being completely off grid. You can check out tiny homes and what they are  about here.

Since I am too poor to actually purchase a tiny home I’ve been reaching out to sellers asking them if we can work out a way for me to pay for the home in a way I can afford. I’ve been doing this on and off for the past few months. I’ve had zero responses. Well, the other day I stumbled on this man named Randy.

I thought why not try and reach out to him? I’ve been asking a lot of people, like I said. Well, he responded within a few hours of me sending the initial email. I let him know I can’t afford much, but I am willing to work and do whatever I need to do to get myself and my daughter into a tiny house. Just today he emailed me back and let me know that they are willing to work with me and that he would love to help me out. I am so very excited and beyond grateful.

I have been asking the Universe to help me figure something out. She has responded with such a beautiful gift and I am so happy to be able to receive it. I don’t know many details about the tiny house, but I do know it will have two lofts and it will be off grid.


This also means I may have to substitute for a little while to make payments until my friends and I get our gardening business up and running.


Remember to go for your dreams. It doesn’t matter how far fetched they may seem. Keep going. You will find a way. Don’t forget to ask the Universe (or God or whatever you believe in) for help. The spirits are always surrounding us and they are listening, but we also have to listen to them. It’s a two way street. Be receptive, but also don’t be afraid to ask for help.


This is one small step on my list of dreams to achieve, but this is definitely the right direction and the biggest first step I needed to make happen in order to achieve my other dreams. Today is a good day.


Keep dreaming my loves. Don’t give up.





Dreams Becoming Reality

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