Freedom Is Calling

Today I was awoken to the loud ringing of my cell phone. This happened at around 5:30-6:00AM. I work as a substitute and they usually have a machine do callouts to get some of the positions filled. I had tried to sign up the previous night on the website, but they didn’t have an assignments that I was willing to do (I do not sub for any age groups but high school). I woke up this morning and checked the website for a job after they woke me up (I hate picking up the phone and hearing the machine speak to me). I saw one job possibility, but I just couldn’t commit to it. I absolutely hate working as a substitute. I hate seeing the way the kids are coerced into this obey and don’t question system. These kids are amazing. They have many different strengths that they are unable to explore. Some of their strengths are even termed as bad. I am totally disgusted with the education system set in place.

First of all, there are way too many kids in the schools. If the state wants to mandate that everyone attends their schooling system they need to up the budget and create more schools, NOT EXPAND THE EXISTING ONES. Expanding the existing one only allows space for MORE children to be cramped into. There should be more teachers, smaller classrooms (anywhere from 8-10 students and more ideally, 5-8 students per teacher). Students should be encouraged to explore. The libraries should be expanded and more educational books should be advertised (they usually advertise fiction books, which is okay, but these kids would love to learn if they understood what all the possibilities and avenues are). Lunches should be improved. Artificial foods should not be served. Learning children need the food with the most nutrition to help nourish their hungry minds.


I realize all of this stuff costs TONS of money, but don’t you think the United States could spare a few billion on education considering they spend trillions on war?


My solution is, fuck the state. They have been controlling what they feed our minds SINCE public schools opened up and became mandatory. Public education has been put in place to condition, not to educate. Look at Albert Einstein who dropped out of school. Look at Tesla who studied on his own. Look at these amazing individuals who were self educated. They followed their passions and became masters at it. I am a fan of unschooling, but I do understand that we have to expose our children to all the mysterious and curiosities of the Universe. That is what will make them desire to learn. My daughter is 4 years old and can sing most of the ABC’s and count to 15 pretty well (she can make it to 20, but confuses the numbers). She knows about volcanoes and sewers and zebras (these are things she specifically asked to learn about). I always ask her, “Do you want to learn about ____?” Sometimes she says no, sometimes she says yes, and when she says yes I run off with that and teach her everything I can in the next 5 minutes that her attention will hold. I am not worried about my daughter not learning. I am worried about her being hindered to learn due to a flawed education system.


Okay, sort of got off on a mini side tangent about my daughter and unschooling, but what I was mainly getting at is that the public school system sucks and I get sick to my stomach seeing the way some of those kids are treated and the way some of those teachers treat the children and the silly “rules” that they must obey. I absolutely hate it and I have been struggling working there for the past few months. I have not gone back. I am only teaching violin privately, which is decent money, but I believe it may only be enough to barely pay my bills. I may not have enough money to live this way and I may have to try another plan of action, but for now I am going to see how much I can last on my violin teaching money. Hopefully I can make it through the month with just enough.


Wish me luck.


I just want to break free from this working to survive life–lie.


Freedoms bells are ringing.

See you soon!






Freedom Is Calling

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