A Little About Myself

Hello beautiful peoples of the Universe,

My name is Cristina. I am many things, but mainly I am a singer/songwriter, a mother of a 4 year old daughter, an activist and fighter for freedom, an artist, and a violin teacher. I am reserved, yet under the right conditions can be an open book, allowing you to read carefully every page. I am soft, but powerful with my voice, my songs, and in my demeanor. I am a perfectionist and can be hard on myself about any thing, big or small. I am a go-getter. I don’t just say I’m going to do things, I actually do them. I am a dreamer. I hope for a world that only knows love and peace and patience and understanding to exist one day. I understand that dream may be far away, but I intend to create my own small community tat will exhibit these characteristics. I hope to lead the world into a better version of itself. I hope to leave a mark of change, whether slight or large. I hope to make an impact on the way one thinks about our beautiful Mother Earth and her children that reside in it. I am many things, but I am also and probably MOST importantly, a student. I am learning every second of everyday. I am taking steps where I thought I would fall, but stood tall. I am leaving myself open to the beautiful and mysterious lessons the Universe grants us at every moment.

I plan to use this blog as my own outlet for stresses, dreams, ideas, and adventures I experience along the way.


Here is to the new year or 2016 and all the beautiful ups and downs we will encounter along the way. I hope that you’ll enjoy the ride I share openly with you all.

Here are some links to some things I am involved in:



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Another channel I am involved with:


Here’s my art:




Talk to you all soon ❤


A Little About Myself

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