New Song: Land of the Free

New Song: Land of the Free


I am going to go out on a limb and just let you guys in on some of my “crazy” thoughts. I have, ever since I was young, been fond of the number 3. I’ve always kind of liked that number. Never really had a reason, just gravitated towards it. Recently, an alarming number of three’s have been appearing in my life whether its through license plates, time, page numbers, change I may be getting back, I have 3, 33, or 333’s appear often. It’s been a little odd. So I started learning a little about three’s and what they might mean. Now, there is a lot of things people can make up about numerology so I try to take it with a grain of salt, but today I realized something really intense (this is where I’m going to start sounding insane).

So, I learned the other day that my initials, LCU, are related to the number 3. L is the 12th letter of the alphabet, C is the 3rd, and U is the 21st. Usually you try to make everything down to a single digit with numbers, so C is obvious, but I couldn’t figure out L and U. As I was driving I was thinking about this and I realized if you add 1+2 it equals 3 (haha silly, I know). So, I understood how those letters related to 3. That thought led me to another thought.

I then began thinking about how often I have noticed the letter F. I had been noticing it for a while, but had not really said anything about it or even looked into it because I’ve been preoccupied with the 3’s (plus, I want to make sure it’s not coincidence). Well, then I asked myself what number corresponds to F and I noticed it is the 6th letter of the alphabet. That immediately (kind of oddly) drew me back into a distant memory of when I was 6 years old.

When I was 6 I woke up in the middle of the night to 6 spirits floating around my bed. There were 3 on each side of my bed. I did not feel scared. I was not alarmed. I don’t know what exactly I thought about them at that moment, but I remember telling my mom and she told me she thought they were angels, so that’s what I had considered them for a long time. After that I saw a total of 3 more spirits. I saw 2 more when I was a little older and one more that my mom actually saw herself and my dogs were barking at it, I guess they could see it too. All of these instances I never remember feeling fear. I was calm. I was aware, but I was calm.

After this I also started seeing what I consider dark spirits. They were scary and I didn’t want to see them anymore. I saw them on and off until middle school. After that I convinced myself (or at least attempted to) that they were a figment of my imagination. I tried to push it out and make up excuses for it as I grew older. Even today, the reality of the situation kind of hit me. Those entities were real. They were. That was a real experience. It was very intense and I was very young. I didn’t even have a word for them until my mom called them angels.

I believe that numbers are very prevalent and I do believe that spirits can represent these numbers or may be there are number gods, I am not exactly sure, none of us are, but I do believe in things existing outside of the phenomenal world. The whole noumenal world is coexisting with us right now, but we can’t see it or experience it.

I am not sure what the 3’s mean and why I see them so often, but I do think someone is trying to get me to pay attention to them and may be they have been trying to get my attention for a while. The spirits are taking me on a journey somewhere and I am not sure where I am headed and if I am brave enough to head there, but I am going to try to spend a little more time meditating and focusing my energy. I have a lot of learning to do.




The Pledge of Allegiance. A Look Into the Deceit.

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

For most our lives as Americans we have been reciting this pledge since we first entered kindergarten at 5 years old. Habitually repeating a set of words we initially knew nothing about. Honoring the United States daily and reminding ourselves of the country we so dutifully must cherish and respect. From the time we learn to read, we learn to memorize and recite. Not knowing the words we say and the meanings behind them until much later in life.

The pledge of allegiance has a dark history of lies beneath it and it was not something I remember getting taught as a child. The programming of a child’s mind is easier than the programming of an adult’s mind. Children are amazing and intelligent beings, but can easily be deceived (i.e.Santa Claus, tooth fairy, etc.). They are willing to receive all information and they trust others easily. This may be the reason why many people so blindly trust the government today. We have continuously pledged our allegiance to the flag even as adults with capable, critically thinking minds. It has been embedded within us for decades .

The pledge of allegiance was officially adopted by Congress in 1942, but it was written in 1892 and has been recited ever since. The idea was to instill patriotism in the youth. It was also a way to advertize patriotism in order to increase the sales of flags, which James B. Upham was directly involved in. It exclaims loudly a sort of hypocrisy in the use of the words justice and liberty. It was also presented as an honorary gift to the infamous man, Christopher Columbus. The roots of the pledge of allegiance are discomforting at best, but I think the history should be known in order for the people of the United States to make an informed decision.


James Bailey Upham, Junior editor of the Youth’s Companion, was also in the business of selling flags. The magazine had half a million weekly subscribers, the highest in sales magazine at the time. It was known for its effective strategies in advertising. With an interest to increase his profits he needed a way to make the public desire flags. He did this by teaming up with Francis Bellamy and together they wrote the official pledge of allegiance. This inspired a new growth of patriotism in the citizens and added to his profits in flag sales. To further increase sales, he made it his next goal to get a flag in front of every school and inside every classroom.

In 1888, Upham launched the School Flag Program to sell flags and create a patriotic youth. 25,000 schools purchased flags in the year 1891, one year before the official pledge was released. In 1895, the Legislature made it mandatory for school committees to provide a flag and flag staff for every school. Today, most states have laws requiring a flag to be flown in front of every school building.


In 1940, the United States declared that all students must salute and pledge allegiance to the flag. This not only infringed on the rights of freedom of speech, but also freedom of religion. The Jehovah’s Witness religion forbids any form of idolatry and the symbolic salute to the flag violated their religious principles. One family tried to fight the school on this issue in the case known as Minersville School District v. Gobitis, but they lost the battle and the students were still required by law to pledge and salute the flag.

In 1942, the Board of Education required every student and teacher to salute the flag. If a student did not comply it was to be considered an act of insubordination and would be dealt with by expulsion. Readmission was not permitted until the student complied. If the student was expelled they were considered unlawfully absent. This placed the parents at risk for jail time and fines due to their child’s unlawful absence from school.

The salute was eventually dropped due to concerns from the Parent and Teachers Association, the Girls and Boy Scouts, the Red Cross, and the General Federation of the Women’s Clubs believing that the salute towards the flag resembled the Nazi salute too closely. Although the salute was no longer enforced, the pledge remained mandatory.

West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette in 1943 was fought by another Jehovah’s Witness family asking for the protection of students who choose not to salute the flag or say the pledge of allegiance. The family won the case against the Board of Education due to religious based reasoning, but it protects every student and adult from persecution if they choose not to salute or pledge allegiance to the flag, whether it is based on religion or not.

It is has since been legal to decide against pledging your allegiance to the flag, but it is strongly admonished and looked down upon in our current society. Pressure on young students to give their pledges daily to the United States government can be witnessed in almost any public school classroom.


The pledge of allegiance was first published in a family magazine, known as the Youth’s Companion, in honor of Columbus Day. In 1892, the magazine released the official pledge of allegiance with the hopes of instilling a patriotic youth and the rise in flag sales. The 400th anniversary of Columbus Day was to be celebrated with the World Columbian Exposition and a nationwide flag salute and pledge. In honor of the infamous Christopher Columbus children and adults nationwide pledged their allegiance to the United States government.

Christopher Columbus was once illustrated as a hero. It has only become a recent enlightenment that he was anything but heroic. Reigning terror on the people of America since he first set foot in the Bahamas in 1492. He was greeted by the Arawaks who graciously welcomed him into their community. He even noted in his personal diary how kind and hospitable these people were. The Arawaks were so kind hearted that they labored for hours the day the Santa Maria shipwrecked to save his crew and cargo. Shortly afterwards, Columbus repaid their hospitable services by seizing their land and forcing them to work in his gold mines as slaves. After two years of reigning, half of the population died due to labor exhaustion.

Columbus’ reign of terror, as documented by noted historians, was so bloody, his legacy so unspeakably cruel, that Columbus makes a modern villain like Saddam Hussein look like a pale codfish.”

Columbus forced hundreds of people into slavery. He allowed the rape of young girls. He killed the natives babies and fed them to the dogs. He was never a person worthy of celebration. Sowing the seeds of oppression that continues to exist in today’s world of indigenous people across the globe.


The commonly held belief that the United States government stands, or has ever stood, for “justice and liberty for all” is a lie. This “truth” has been ingrained into our minds from the time most of us began attending school and reciting the pledge of allegiance. We have been programmed to see the United States government in a certain light. A light we believe to be of truth, of justice, of liberty, until one day that light goes out and we realize the true light has been shining in through our windows from outside. The artificial light we’ve been receiving has plagued our minds with insecurities and false truths. The pledge was intended to instill patriotism in the minds of the youth and it worked, but some of us caught some of that warm, glowing sunlight from outside. Some of us can see through the artificial illumination we’ve been hypnotized to love. This government does not stand for “liberty and justice for all” in the way that most of us would understand it to be. It is geared towards a specific group of individuals and that does not include the citizens of the United States.

The pledge claims “justice and liberty for all” except for the indigenous peoples, except for the people of color, except for the women and children. Those people are not worthy of justice and liberty. Someone might say, “Well, this inequality is a thing of the past and no longer exists today.” This person probably is unaware of the native struggles still persisting even today. The government has forced their way onto the sacred lands of the Native Americans since the moment the first Europeans arrived. The United States government has not only raped and killed the Native American people, but also raped and killed the sacred scraps of land it has left them with. Destroying the lands for materials like silver, gold, and copper. Leaving their lands destroyed and infected with dangerous chemicals and metals in their waters, land, and air due to depleted uranium and other radioactive materials. This kind of injustice dominates the way the government interacts with the people of this land. This is not “justice and liberty for all” when the people who were here before the United States government are suffering in every aspect of their livelihood at the cost of a shiny penny.

After the European settlers colonized north america and raped and murdered the native indians of the land they turned their ceaseless desire to dominate towards a new group of peoples. These were the Africans brought on a Dutch ship in 1619 to the colonies. The settlers at this time were largely dependent on the tobacco plant. Most of the farmers had indentured servants (poor Europeans), but when the Dutch ship arrived with new and cheaper labor they instantly accepted this form of injustice to increase their wealth. It has been estimated that anywhere from 6 to 7 million Africans were bought and enslaved during the 18th century alone.

The roots of injustice began with Columbus, but did not end with him. More than 846,000 African American men were incarcerated in the year 2008. African American men aged 20 to 24 are more likely to experience police brutality than any other group of individuals. Recently this has become a much talked about issue over the past year with the deaths of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Tamir E. Rice, just to name a few. The injustices that have occurred over the past centuries are still occurring in the current era. I would also like to note that Native Americans are experiencing the same level of brutality and their numbers are equally troubling.

Women, both white and black experienced their own form of slavery and injustice. Women were considered less than man and even after African Americans were freed by the Emancipation Proclamation and were counted as 3/5ths of a whole human being, women were still considered to be below that. Women’s duties were to raise the children, keep the house clean, cook dinners, and cater to the every need of her husband.

Women were not only house slaves for  men, but also sex slaves. Marital rape was not made illegal until 1993. Up until that point if a woman accused her husband of rape no charges could be made against him. If a woman disagreed, argued, questioned, disobeyed, or did anything against the desire of the husband all he had to do was claim that she was insane and she would immediately be taken to an insane asylum. She could lose all connections to her family including her children. Even if she was sane, the conditions that she would be subjected to were horrendous and would make any sane person insane. The doctors would subject the women to many forms of physical abuse including electroshock, lobotomies, and medications that subdue or suppress the mind. She was also mentally abused with the doctors reinforcing the ideals of the husband and if the woman did not comply to those, then she was not mentally healthy. Women were not even allowed to vote or “handle all the responsibilities of citizenship” until the 1920’s. A fight women fought for at least 100 years.

These injustices are apparent from the roots of the United States government and has spread without cessation into the 21st century. Forcing small children to pledge and repeat a set of lines that are absolutely meaningless in the eyes of the government is disgusting. Indoctrinating the youth to believe that the United States was founded on the grounds of morality is an injustice in itself. Where is this “justice and liberty for all” because surely it cannot be this

Women, Native Americans, and people of color have all been fighting this battle to have a sense of justice and liberty within themselves for centuries, but it is constantly taken away from these individuals in different and sometimes similar ways. Pledges should be taken seriously and should have truth to them, but it seems that these lines are incorrect and completely void of truth.


The next time you are in a setting where the pledge of allegiance begins taking place think about what exactly you are saying. Think about what and who exactly you are pledging your allegiance to. You do not have to be a patriot to a corrupt system. You can love this land and the people, but not support the system that has weaseled its way into our lives for hundreds of years. Teach the youth the truth about the roots of this government. Let them decide on their own to make an oath to such an institution when they are old enough to comprehend the past and current situations. Remember that you have no legal obligation, if that is something that concerns you, to take the oath. You can decide for yourself what is right and what you may want to pledge allegiance to.

As for me, I pledge allegiance to the land, I pledge allegiance to freedom, and I pledge allegiance to justice. The real kind of justice and liberty. Where we are all equal, men, women, and children of all ethnic backgrounds and religions. Where we can live freely to express our individualities without coercion and suppression. I pledge allegiance to “justice and liberty for all” but not to “a republic for which it stands” when it stands on injustice and deceiving the youth. Truth is the light that will guide us home and I know it may burn our eyes to see the real light, but in the end we adapt and we grow and we learn how to be better because that is just in our nature. Do not do things out of obedience, do things out of truth. I’ve made up my decision, now you must make yours.

-Cristina Urquieta







The Pledge of Allegiance. A Look Into the Deceit.

Domino Effect

I’ve been a little busy the past few days trying to complete this essay I started a week or so ago. I will be releasing it tomorrow (hopefully) along with a short video discussion on the subject. It’s about why we should question pledging allegiance to the flag. I think it’s an interesting discussion and I hope that you all will take a look, or listen to it.

Besides that I was just cooking now, some vegan pot pie (which smells amazing right now) and as I was cooking I was singing and dancing with myself. I tend to sing A LOT. I sing while speaking simple sentences at times. I sing while walking to the bathroom. I sing while driving in my car without with out the radio on. I’m always creating random melodies from the air and going along with their tunes. As I was singing and dancing I stopped and thought, I wonder if other musicians also sing a lot and make up melodies as often as I do? And I’m pretty sure we all do this and that’s why we are musicians. We just have these melodies floating around us and it’s easier for us to latch on to one of them and go with it. I can’t always come up with words, but I can come up with melodies all day.

Five years ago, if you would have asked me to sing for you I would have said no and shyly changed the subject. Today, if you ask me to sing I will jump on that opportunity. I love singing for myself and for others. I love when people want to experience a piece of my experience with me. I have been a performer since I first began ballet and piano at 5 years old. Recitals were fun and I really loved them. I  can perform for one person or for a room full of people and I will give you the same energy. I just love to perform and I feel that my songs are especially important because they have a message. A message I personally feel this world is needing to hear. There are a small, but growing, number of conscious musicians who are spreading this awareness, this strive for unification, this message of change and hope. My passion for music was one thing, but it grew into this goal, or realization that I had a responsibility to help create or spread the seeds of change.


I know my song won’t change the world, but I know that this is something I love and it leaves a positive energy in our space and if that’s the least I can do then I want in.


It’s kind of crazy when you KNOW something is going to happen. I know music is my passion and I know it will be playing a huge part in where I end up in 10 years or so. I don’t imagine myself selling out stadiums, but I know I can make this thing happen. I know that Metanoia or myself solo (hopefully with Metanoia though because I really love my band) can play big shows within the next few years. Each member of my band is insanely talented. I am not joking. They are insane. They have pushed me in many ways and have helped shaped who I am as a musician today. I am so honored to share a stage with them.


I am rambling here, but basically I just know music is something I will be doing for the rest of my life and I only have two needs (desires) that I want met: 1. Be able to live comfortably (which doesn’t take much money for me) and 2. Open for SOJA.

I feel my footsteps being guided by this wonderful Universe. You’ll know when you’re going in the right direction because you’ll witness a domino effect take place. You do one right thing and then 4 more right things fall into place without you doing anything. That’s how you know where to go and that’s what has been evident in my short musical career with Metanoia and my own stuff. Feel where the Universe is guiding. Don’t be afraid to take steps. Sometimes they seem intimidating, but if something is pushing you in a certain direction go with it. Trust yourselves. You can literally make anything happen. You can be and do whatever you want to. Fear is usually what holds us back, so knowing that just let it go.


Tell me what happens when you do it.


-Cristina ❤


Domino Effect

Today’s Meditation

I am not consistent with my meditation and I am trying to get myself to be that way. My goal is to meditate every day for at least 15 minutes, but I try to aim for 20 minutes. It doesn’t always work out because I may find myself more distracted some days than others. I’m going to describe my experience meditating this morning.

I sit in my room facing the window where the sunlight is shining through. I put on some meditative drum beats. I usually try to keep my eyes open for a little while, but today I had a very hard time opening them. It was a struggle so I just let them sit closed. My mind was pretty quiet for the most part, which is unusual for me. With eyes closed I see colors. Reds, oranges, and yellows (coming from the sun lights energy beaming through the window) are swirling around making different blends, shapes, varying opaqueness. I feel myself slipping into the deep red colors. It starts getting really dark, almost like an abyss. Then I see myself slipping up into this bright light. It’s white. I can’t actually get into the white like I did the red. I tried to follow the white, but I wasn’t allowed to slip into it like I could with the deep reds. I felt as if I had managed to almost slip in and a wave of emotions  swirled up, I wanted to cry, but it was for one second and then I fell out of the white back into the swirls of reds, oranges, and yellows. I could still see the white though. The rhythm of the drum felt more intense at this point. I was still aware of my surroundings. I could still clearly hear my daughter running around, sitting next to me or on me, but my mind was slipping into this unusual place I had never felt before. I felt as though my eyes were open. I felt as though I was blinking and my eyes were open looking into these swirls of colors. It was only my mind though. I never felt physically there, only mentally and perhaps spiritually. With my eyes open there were flashes of images between the colors. I couldn’t make them out at all. They were so quick. I felt myself slipping into this realm, but for whatever reason I slowed down and never made it into this dimension in my mind. As soon as I slowed down I emerged above the white into a light blue swirl of colors. I still hadn’t gone through the white, which might mean some sort of rebirth or purification, but I somehow found myself above it in the calming swirl of the ocean (it didn’t look like the ocean, but because the blues are strongly associated with water that’s probably why I felt that way).

I am not sure what it means or if it means anything at all. Todays meditation was a bit more intense than it usually is and that’s why I wanted to write about it.

Just one more quick note that is totally unrelated to meditating: Metanoia (my band) got our old bass player (who is amazing) back in the band and I am so stoked to rehearse with him and have him back. I feel Metanoia reaching new heights this next year.

I hope you all remember to remain balanced. We are not only physical and mental, but we are spiritual beings and we need to take time to care and love each part of ourselves to remain healthy and balanced. The better you take care of yourself the better you will feel and you will experience things in new and exciting ways as you evolve yourself in a mental and spiritual way. Speak to you all soon!


Today’s Meditation


Took Nairah to the Last Organic Outpost which is a local garden in Houston that is totally organic and inventive. It’s really an amazing little place right in the middle of Fifth Ward. Every time I go there I feel calm and connected to our Earth. Nairah is so wonderful there too. She plants seeds and helps weed and gets her fingernails full of dirt. They have turned an empty, concrete lot into a food haven. They even have an aquaponics system set up. If you are from Houston you NEED to check it out. Check out their website. You can buy, trade, volunteer, or donate to them.

While we were there Nairah met a little girl named Noah. Her and Noah ran around playing for hours. I love watching my daughter play. I love seeing her imagination in action.


Pay attention to the time you have with your children or loved ones. Each moment unfolding is a lesson to experience. Don’t let those moments go unlearned or unnoticed. Enjoy and experience.